All Directions Benefit #2《四惠 2》(2021/2024)

Window screen, packing material, thread
100x140 cm
2021/updated 2024

An update to a tapestry that was shown at All Directions Benefit 《四惠》(2021)

All Directions Benefit 《四惠》(2021) is an imagined landscape depicting movement, migration, and connection, and created during a time when none of these ideas could be realized. Inspired by maps, trace routes, and meandering walking paths, this series of works contemplate various journeys—inward, outward, large, and small.

During the pandemic lockdown, online shopping and delivery was one of the limited forms of physical contact with others. Package deliveries arrived frequently, taking many shapes and sizes; each arrival was a revelation of tape and plastic foam wrapping. The mixed-media wall collages in All Directions Benefit initially started as a way to confront a growing pile of accumulating packing materials. Over time, the works evolved into new perspectives on common and “poor” materials.

All Directions Benefit is an ongoing exploration; it is an experiment that continues to evolve and change.

Exhibited at Translucent Yet Not Transparent 透光不透人, Sekmai Space, Dongguan, Guangdong Province. 2024