Now Can I Run for President? (2007)

This simple yet multi-layered hydration system uses natural phenomenon (gravity) and physics (pressure pump) to bring about visual and aural pleasure to the viewer. The work has no practical use whatsoever.

fountain fountain

More documentation of this urban gardening experiment in progress

This piece was inspired in part by the current Korean President who during his bid for election, audaciously proposed digging a canal from Seoul, the most northern city in South Korea, to Pusan, the city at the southern most tip of of South Korea. Despite acusations of corruption, he won the election. The canal proposal is currently being debated in the South Korean congress.

This canal (pictured left) was rebuilt in the center of Seoul by the current president during his pervious term as seoul's mayor. He has a history of grand earthworks.

Created and installed at Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea.