The Meeting Room 会所

In collaboration with Elaine W. Ho

2012-11-08 through 2013-01-12 at Arrow Factory

The Meeting Room 会所: an intimate, flexible, multi-use space available for meetings, small functions or private discussions, The Meeting Room was available to reserve for free on a first come, first serve basis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The space accommodated groups of two to thirty people, and all bookings included our complementary standard VIP membership card service and a digital group portrait. 

Organized by 何颖雅 Elaine W. Ho (HomeShop) and 何颖宜 Rania Ho (Arrow Factory). We are both members of the following groups: Beijing Residents Conglomerate; Working Artists Association; Hong Kong Three-Stars ID Chinese-American Network; Organizers of Independent Art Spaces with Storefronts and the Dai Leung, Sunduk Ancestry Society. This is our first collaboration. We are not related.

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