An interactive video project that grazes on the leftovers of high speed telephony.

Part 1 of a series

modem video
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This piece was recently part of an exhibition entitled NewFangle. Sponsored by GenArt and held at the Herbst Exhibition Hall in the historic Presidio. It was also exhibited at the Digital Art Conference (DAC) at Brown University and in the lounge of the Interactive telcommunications Program at New York University.

Modem looks initially to be a normal household phone.


Picking up the phone triggers a series of video clips that are projected onto the wall just above the telephone stand.

Video footage of different people doing imitations of their modems plays. Different video clips are strung together to create an entire "dialup" sequence.

The sound for the video comes out of the handset of the phone, creating a private viewing experience in a public venue.


Each time the phone is picked up a new video sequence is randomly generated from the database. Not only is the sound designed to be experienced by only one person at a time, the images projected create a unique series that varies from one viewer to the next.

If your are really REALLY interested in how this piece works, you can see diagrams and schematics. But only if you are really really REALLY interested.



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