A site specific project along the Gowanus Canal.

PuttFarm is a 3-hole minature golf course installed for the exhibition, Canalogy, June 10-11 and 17- 18, 2000 in Brooklyn, New York.

Built of asrtoturf and scrap lumber, PuttFarm addressed the need for suburban diversions in a post-industrial setting.


Audience members were provided with golf clubs and copious amounts of golf balls and encouraged to "golf like mad".

People of all ages indulged in the fun. Chaos ensued when one of the adults showed a group of kids the time honored technique of "driving golf balls into the Gowanus Canal."


Ironically enough, Canalogy, was intended as part of a community event to promote environmental awareness along the Gowanus Canal area of Brooklyn.

However, judging from the rumoured pollution levels of the canal, the golf balls probably disintegrated before they hit bottom.

life span: 2 weeks.