Survival Project

Collaboration with Thy Tran and Bryan Wu


The Survival Project explores food and resilience during extreme times. Delving into culinary traditions that sustained individuals through war and migration, the project is open-ended and includes experiences, printed matter, special tastings, food demonstrations and more. 

NEWS: Survival Project, in collaboration with the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, is one of four 2018 award recipients from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation’s Open Spaces public art program. The grants support nonprofit organizations and artists to partner to create projects in Oakland and San Francisco that engage communities, showcase artistic experimentation, and energize public spaces.

In our collective’s second project, TRANSITION24, we will be creating a series of multimedia installations using San Francisco’s 24 MUNI bus line to engage communities along its route in an exploration of survival, access, migration, and resilience. The project will showcase oral histories, photography and public archives while incorporating MUNI infrastructure as sites of public art.

We’re honored to be in such good company — Flyaway Productions, Galeria de la Raza, and Youth Speaks are 2018 fellow grantees. Please visit the Rainin Foundation’s website for more info about the Open Spaces program and all of this year’s winning projects.

Survival Project #1: Famine Kit Launch - Art Books, Tastings, and Food Demonstrations

Saturday, May 20, 2017   5:00 – 7:00pm
41 Ross Alley, San Francisco, CA

In Survival Project #1: Famine Kit, we highlighted resourceful preparations of local ingredients such as rice, cassava, pine, and dandelion.

Food traditions are vital to culture and community. Drawing from oral histories, including the experiences of their own families, the artists share recipes and techniques for coping with a range of crises. The Survival Project places the fundamental quest for nourishment within a larger historical context, showing the depth and capacity of human resilience.

Thank you: Earl Gonzalez, Denise Ho, Winifred and Eugene Ho, Michael Kressner, Chau Smith and Pearl Wong

The Survival Project launch included food demonstrations and tastings. A limited number of the mini-folio art books are still available for purchase.